New technologies
We have promoted CES – consumer electronics show, the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts the world's business leaders and pioneering thinkers. We have brought to Poland the world's top innovations with CES Unveiled Warsaw and organized many inspiring study tours for Polish journalists to CES at Las Vegas.
It is thanks to us that the news about pioneer treatments with the use of innovative therapies spread like wildfire. We supported development and implementation of telemedicine concept which contributes to improvement of efficacy in patients' diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation but also allows to increase an access to medical services and help to reduce regional differences in patient care.
We have promoted the most innovative security systems and shared knowledge about public security and important achievements in the security and IT.
We have introduced Poles to the futuristic solutions - products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access of Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia.
We have inspired the Polish world of fashion by promoting VAN GRAAF’s multi-brand and impressed fashion lovers with up to 300 leading fashion labels and their international collections.
Telekamery Tele Tygodnia
For over 10 years we have been co-organizing Telekamery Tele Tygodnia and rewarding the best Polish actors and actresses as well as the most entertaining TV shows. Every year the broadcast is being watched by millions of viewers and covered by majority of media outlets.
We have introduced to the market and promoted a new line of Vitamin C serum like face care cosmeceuticals recommended by medical experts and available only in medical spas and skin care professional clinics.
Izba Wydawców Prasy
We have developed the concept of the contest for the best press front cover of the year - GrandFront, co-organized alongside with Izba Wydawców Prasy, which sets designing standards in the Polish media.
We have presented easy ways to look and feel confident all year round with professional tanning treatments or must-have products to use at home. We have introduced to the market and promoted St.Tropez - the leading tanning brand chosen globally by professionals, celebrities and beauty editors alike.
Alongside with the Frosch brand following sustainability and innovation and based on the concept of natural eco ingredients, we have persuaded Poles that cleaning can be pleasant and trendy. We have also invited kids to join our pilot educational project “EcoExperts Generation”, which got a full recognition from ecologists and experts.
In cooperation with one of the biggest companies in the market, we have developed a project, which aimed at promoting best ways to take a good care of health of our beloved pets!
Groupe SEB
Promoting Groupe SEB products we have taken part in creating the Polish culinary boom and contributed to making consumers’ domestic lives more pleasant, harmonious and fulfilling. We also showed Poles how to make a perfect coffee!
We have cooperated with one of the most recognizable brands in the market. We have been promoting CocaCola brands such as: Burn, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, Powerade Aqua+, Kropla Beskidu through events, campaigns, unique sessions and projects.
In cooperation with the European Commission we have motivated people to kick the habit of smoking with the use of an online application iCoach. Thanks to us, over 17 000 Poles joined “Ex-smokers are unstoppable” campaign. According to the statistics - every third managed to quit smoking!
Since 2004, we have been raising the awareness of health and safety at workplace by organizing hundreds of lectures and seminars for millions of Polish citizens and entrepreneurs.
Herbert Foundation
We have promoted the legacy of Zbigniew Herbert’s creation by encouraging people to read on the go. We have also supported outstanding international artistic and intellectual achievements through organization and promotion of The Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award.
Servier for the Heart
We have developed a unique campaign to promote prevention of heart diseases by encouraging people to take part in free of charge examinations, as well as with endorsing a healthy lifestyle amongst inhabitants of muliple Polish cities.
Ministry of Economy
We were commissioned by the Ministry of Economy to educate Polish institutions about public-private partnership - as we presented the best projects and good practices and analyzed them jointly during the study tours to London and Madrid.
We have promoted an inauguration of Economic Partnership Forum Africa - Central Europe - the first step in realization of the strategic plan to create a beneficial economic environment for investments in Senegal and Western Africa.
Jacek Santorski
We had a pleasure to cooperate with one of the most remarkable Polish psychologists - Jacek Santorski. We have spread the knowledge about Academy of Leadership Psychology, which offers a. a unique program of practical solutions from various fields of psychology, including management and leader’s self-development.
Alongside with the European Commission, we educated people about development aid as we showed what Poland and EU does to help the developing countries.
Boehringer Ingelheim
For over 6 years we have been developing and implementing a campaign, which was rewarded with the Golden Otis award. We created a superhero - Dr Stroke, who helped our campaign to highlight the hazard of strokes and ways to prevent them.
Time for Oncology
We have executed multi-faceted activities to improve the efficiency of oncological care in Poland. We cooperated with key scientific societies and leading patient organizations.
Chain transplantation
Thanks to us, Poles have found out about the first kidney chain transplantation, in which three pairs of unrelated patients took part. After that, awareness about the living-donor transplants has highly increased.
Pulmonary Hypertension Patients Association
We have inaugurated celebration of the Global Pulmonary Hypertension Day in Poland. For many years we have been supporting an educational sports event with participation of many well-known public personalities and celebrities supporting the PAH in Poland.
Clinical Trials Centre at AstraZeneca has become a key spot on a dream-job map of Poland. We have showed that AstraZeneca is an amazing workplace able to fulfill dynamically changing and ever growing expectations of top market talents.
Atlantis, The Palm
We have positioned in Poland one of the most recognized and luxurious hotels in the World - Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.
Emirat Sharjah
Acting on behalf of Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority we supported establishing close connections and relationship with the most important representatives of the Polish tourist market.
We have showed India as a country of endless possibilities, presenting to the Polish journalists and tourist market representatives the country being one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage.
We have promoted the Balearic Islands as the most attractive summer direction – for a special invitation, Poland has been visited by Michael Douglas - the Islands ambassador.
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